Well I finally broke down and watched 42. Great movie! Why? It reminds me how important sports once was and how teamwork and talent were what mattered. Now it’s all about money with talent sprinkled in, after all, who is really worth 250 million dollars to play a game? Baseball was king and rightly so, I loved so much to play. I remember spending a summer in Arkansas with my Aunt and Uncle, my uncle a real serious sports fan and baseball genius. I was so sad that I was too old to play little league with my cousins….. I was a few months too old, what a bummer! To their credit, they always played sandlot baseball with me and their other friends after their games! The summer of ’69 the end of decade but we were old enough to understand changes were all about. We revered Mr. Robinson, the Say Hey Kid, Roberto, Lou, Mickey and all the rest of the heroes. One of my friends grew up to be a renown sports writer appearing on ESPN several times and another dear friend until his untimely death still participated in organized athletics. We used to call ourselves the 196th Street Bombers! Played baseball for the St. Albans Baptist Giants. We were good, my dear friend Papo pitched so well he only needed a run or two and could pitch for the win! Yes, sports was a binder, a uniter, an escape and the show! Those were good times.



Education needs serious repair. We are on a free fall compared to the rest of the world. What is a better option? For everyone? For my two cents sometimes old is good whereby school districts bring back Music classes w/instruments, Shop classes and Home Economics as well as basic Consumer Math. Algebra, Calculus, Physics and English Lit should be for those who plan secondary education requiring those courses. Make a HSD worth something again and stop feeding all of these fly by night non-certified for-profit colleges which accomplish nothing for the student except burden them with debt. Go back to partnerships with the telephone company, utility company, etc to pipeline good employees-there was absolutely nothing wrong with that system. We built the middle-class this way. BTW, the average middle school and high school student is so much more tech savvy than their teacher, meaning the student learns little to nothing thanks to a boring curriculum… OK off my soap box.

The GOP and President Obama’s Nominees

The GOP has a problem with President Obama, it is that simple. Despite being elected twice, the GOP feels the American voter is stupid and they need to “keep” things in order. Further, this is their only means to tear down what could be historical Presidential term, well beyond ethnicity, and the GOP recognizes this and doesn’t like it one bit. Lastly, this crap about Bill Clinton being the explainer in chief is code for we’re not listening to Obama because he is black. Obama has never had a messaging problem, the MSM, the GOP/tp and the low-information folks have a refusal to listen and acknowledge problem. Holding these nominees is ridiculous and another weakening to prevent the Obama administration from operating at full or near full capacity.

What Obama Really Meant When He Said ‘If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep It’

There is a difference between “if you like your plan” and “this is the plan I was able to get”. For “this is the plan I was able to get”, your plan will be better and yes may cost more under the ACA, but you will more than likely get more comprehensive coverage. Many people will simply have to face the fact that their old plan probably wasn’t the coverage/cost to completely meet their needs.
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Tiger Woods Discusses Brandel Chamblee: ‘He Didn’t Really Apologize’

My ask is a simple one: Let’s put the cameras on 3-4 other players next PGA season like the cameras are on Woods and let’s talk about what we discover. Let’s allow others to feel and experience scrutiny overkill as he has and see how they like it. This has nothing to do with being right or wrong, but the intense scrutiny allows other players freedom not enjoyed by Tiger. Comes with the territory yes, but the whole world also watches.
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