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Will We Ever Learn: Presidents and Policies

You know Matthew the ACA and Iraq are in two different universes. The ACA is law and the law was upheld by the Supreme Court. What is divisive about that? What is polarizing about trying to ensure every American can have access to healthcare? Is it unifying to purposefully lie, misinform and scare as an elected official? You guys and gals in the MSM don’t want to say what is really happening. it can be said objectively and fairly and you get to use all the wonderful words you guys like to use and that is this POTUS is not liked or respected by the GOP/TP. Further, the will of the people is not respected by the GOP/TP as we elected President Obama TWICE. Finally, the American people are insulted by the GOP/TP with their lies and misinformation intent on preventing the ACA from being realized. I’m frustrated because there many good ideas lingering in the GOP dormant because of the current party line. I thank the Lord everyday my wife, me and our 20 year old don’t have to worry about healthcare. Those that do however, need a fighting chance and to that end our elected officials should be busting their butts to make it so.
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Mitch McConnell Wins Praise In Unlikely Corners Back Home

Somebody needs to man up and tell the Tea Party they are only a part of a part. If they want the representation they seek then they should form their own outright party. With that, the GOP needs to make up it’s mind as to who they are who they represent. They (GOP) can’t have it both ways. I’m with everyone having a voice, this is America! You are not entitled to take over because you don’t like laws and policies. Work to change and fix like the rest of us do.
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Here’s The Real Reason We Aren’t Done With Shutdowns

Maybe if elected office were less of “cushy” deal more work could be done for the people. Keep Congress at 2-year terms. Lessen Senate terms to 3 years. Make gerrymandering against the law. Lessen congressional salaries to 85K per year with medical only provided while in office. Retired benefits are only paid to those re-elected three times consecutively and not paid until their 65th birthday. Three times re-elected and you are done as well. No more camping out in congress. Holidays and recess on the same schedule as other federal employees. Guarded protection only provided within DC limits same with chauffeured transportation. Trips out of country can only be approved by Speaker of the House and the Senate Majority leader. No citizens united.
Maybe then we’d get some results.
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